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We translate

To and from most languages – although Swedish is usually in the mix. We tailor every translation to the target audience and the context.

We review and correct

So that your text upholds the high standards of linguistic quality it deserves. And so that you send the right signals to your customers and other stakeholders.

About quality

We are ISO certified and work actively with our quality objectives in relation to translations, review procedures, ancillary services and customer service.

Translation to and from most languages

From Malmö, we reach the world

AAR Translator has been providing translation in most languages since the early 1970s. With the sole exception of fiction, we translate everything – from web sites, manuals and contracts to annual reports, press releases and patient information leaflets. Our corporate clients represent virtually all business sectors and we have general agreements with public sector organisations and several EU bodies. Our translators – one third of whom are authorised – translate to their native languages and specialise in a variety of subjects. Are you in need of a translation? Just give us a call!

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We deliver peace of mind

Your translations will be accurate, tailored to your audience and arrive on time.

We deliver assurance …

Our clients know that the translations will be accurate, well-written and delivered on time.

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… designed for you!

We remove the stumbling blocks to communication with your customers and suppliers.

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Print-ready originals

We also make sure your translation is delivered as a print-ready original. Just say the word!

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We are ISO-certified and work actively with our quality objectives.

When it comes to translation and related services as well as customer service.