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We translate

To and from most languages – although Swedish is usually in the mix. We tailor every translation to the target audience and the context.

We review and correct

So that your text upholds the high standards of linguistic quality it deserves. And so that you send the right signals to your customers and other stakeholders.

About quality

We are ISO certified and work actively with our quality objectives in relation to translations, review procedures, ancillary services and customer service.

When language is just one of the important elements!

From Malmö, we reach the world

AAR Translator is a translation agency that was founded in the early 1970s and supplies professional translations in most languages. We handle all language needs and subject fields – from websites, manuals and agreements to annual reports, press releases and pack inserts.

Skills: The companies that engage our services have strict requirements and represent more or less all industries. We have framework agreements with the public sector and a number of EU organisations. These framework agreements with various authorities and our clients in a range of industries have allowed us to develop cutting-edge skills in law, medicine, finance, technology and IT/websites.

Our translators: Many of them hold state authorisation, and they all translate into their native language only. They hold formal degree-level qualifications in translation or similar qualifications in other fields or have many years of documented translation experience. Each and every one of them specialises in certain subject fields.

digital översättningsbyrå

Translation agency that puts quality first

Professionella översättningar på de flesta språk

Technical resources: We work with CAT tools such as translation memory software and other electronic instruments that ensure consistent use of language and terminology and reduce translation costs.

Linguistic quality: When you order a translation, it goes without saying that you expect it to be linguistically correct, with no errors or defects. Of course, we proofread our translations. We can also make sure your translation is adapted to suit the relevant target group and cultural/geographical area – this is known as localisation.

Peripheral services: We offer language review services. We can handle your texts in the majority of electronic formats (DTP). We can translate subtitles and insert them in your ads for publication on social media, for instance.

Overall service: Our overall service has to work the way you want it to – that’s almost as important as everything else. Receiving your translation on time. Receiving your translation in the correct format. Or, to put it simply – receiving exactly what you ordered. And last but not least: always ensuring you get great service from our friendly staff!

Would you like to order a translation? We’re the translation agency for you!

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We deliver peace of mind

Your translations will be accurate, tailored to your audience and arrive on time.

We deliver assurance …

Our clients know that the translations will be accurate, well-written and delivered on time.

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… designed for you!

We remove the stumbling blocks to communication with your customers and suppliers.

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Print-ready originals

We also make sure your translation is delivered as a print-ready original. Just say the word!

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Ensured quality

When you order a translation from us, we will always ask about the context in which it will be used, the target group and where the target group is located. We need to know these things to make sure the translation has the right register, tone, style and terminology. Proofreading is always included in the price and we deliver the translation in your preferred format.

With clients such as the Swedish Public Employment Service [Arbetsförmedlingen] and various insurance companies, we have to maintain capacity to allow us to translate languages that aren’t particularly common in Sweden. These include Tagalog, Dari and Wolof, to name but a few. But English, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Spanish, French, Russian and Chinese are the languages we work with most commonly, of course. And quite a few others besides. We translate into the languages that our clients need.

Our translators only work into their native languages, and they specialise in one or more subject fields. We usually differentiate between finance, law, medicine, technology and advertising/marketing. But in fact, our translators specialise in so much more than that.

You are invited to contact us – we will be happy to tell you more.

We are ISO-certified and work actively with our quality objectives.

When it comes to translation and related services as well as customer service.