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Certified translations

Certified translations

Certified translations

Authorities both in Sweden and abroad generally require translations of official documents to be certified – or, in other words, verified by a state authorised translator. These documents may include birth certificates, certificates/testimonials, marriage certificates, purchase contracts, police investigation reports, annual reports, divorce decrees, diplomas and other official documents. Certified translations are created by state authorised translators who verify the correctness of the translation by signing and stamping a certificate.

State authorised translators

“State authorised translator” is a protected professional title in Sweden. State authorised translators have to successfully complete a very demanding multi-part translation test that is organised by the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency [Kammarkollegiet], which is the authority responsible for state authorisation of translators. The translator then receives state authorisation after passing both this test and an integrity check.

Only natural persons can be awarded this state authorisation. State authorised translators have a statutory duty to maintain confidentiality.

State authorised translators are currently available in around thirty language combinations.

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Private individuals

Private individuals should always find out in advance whether they need a certified translation.

This can be done by getting in touch with the authority requiring the bild auktoriserad översättningtranslation, for example.
You can also ask whether you also need what is known as an apostille, a certificate that may
be needed in some countries.

These stamped official certificates are available from public notaries in Sweden.

AAR Translator can help you with your translation, no matter what form of verification you need.