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Financial Translation. When language is just one of the important elements!

From Malmö, we reach the world

We translate all of your texts and documents related to finance and accounting. Rapidly, attractively, smoothly – and accurately. Do you need to translate your financial statements, annual report, budget, or perhaps an interim report? The highly qualified professionals we select for your job will have extensive experience and expertise in financial translation and many have a solid academic background in economics. As there are many ways to express the same thing, we are delighted to receive reference materials (such as previous translations or glossaries) containing your preferred terms. We work with translation tools (CAT), which means we reuse the translations we have already done for your company. Not only does this ensure consistent terminology, it saves time and money.

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Many translations are meant to be used in an existing layout. Here, it is important to remember that different languages take up different amounts of space. We adapt the translation to the space available and, to make the process as smooth as possible, we are happy to work directly in the original format. Our goal is to make your life easier – by delivering financial translations of the highest quality at the appointed time.

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