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Legal translation. When language is just one of the important elements!

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You simply have to get things right when translating legal texts. AAR Translator has been working since the early 1970s to help law firms, banks, insurance companies, legal departments, companies and private individuals with everything from legislative texts, insurance policies and contracts to rulings, appeals and certificates of various kinds.

The qualified specialist translators that we select for your translations have to be very familiar with legal terminology and have extensive experience and expertise in the field of law, and they frequently have legal training as well. They also have to be familiar with the legal system and authorities in the target country in question.

We usually engage “state authorised translators” – a protected professional title in Sweden – for such assignments. State authorised translators have to successfully complete a very demanding multi-part translation test that is organised by the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency [Kammarkollegiet], which is the authority responsible for state authorisation of translators. The translator then receives state authorisation after passing both this test and an integrity check. Only natural persons can be awarded this state authorisation. State authorised translators have a statutory duty to maintain confidentiality.

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Does your translation need to be certified, sworn or otherwise verified, or does it require a stamped official certificate (an “apostille”) from a public notary? We can arrange that. We also make sure that your translation matches the original document in terms of structure and stamps. Our aim is to make your life easier. By supplying top-quality legal translations by your designated deadline.

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