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Medical translation. When language is just one of the important elements!

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Over the years, our customers, clients and contracts have made us experts at medical translation, which is why we have had an office at Medicon Village for a long time. In this innovative and expansive arena, our knowledge and expertise in medicine are helping generate value to improve people’s lives and health – regardless of language. You are the expert in your medical field.

And we are the experts at making sure your texts accurately reflect your knowledge, expertise and credibility in English – or any other language. We are primarily a translation agency, but our experienced linguists also review and correct existing texts.

medicinska översättningar äpple

By all means, take advantage of our expertise to create consistent and clear messages that truly reach your customers, regardless of what language they speak or culture they live in. Our high quality is a prerequisite, as is our adaptation of every translation to the target group and context. And that applies whether you are talking to patients, doctors, investors, or sales representatives, B2B or B2C.

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Medical translation is very close to our hearts

We translate everything from web texts and lab reports to patient information leaflets, product sheets, presentation material and analyses. Medical translation is very close to our hearts. There is so much at stake, after all. The tiniest little abbreviation has to agree with the original, as even minor errors can have major consequences, financially and, most importantly, in terms of human suffering. As we work, we are constantly aware that it simply has to be right, from beginning to end.

For instance, we only use specialist medical translators and reviewers who double-check our translations. So you can feel safe in the knowledge that the translation you receive is as good as we can make it. This method saves us all money in the long run. By all means get in touch – we’d be happy to tell you more about ourselves and our translations, and about how we work. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!