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Review and correction

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If you have a text you are unhappy with or suspect contains errors and shortcomings, you are welcome to send it to us. As needed, we will correct, rewrite, update and polish. The goal is to make the text fit the target group and the intended context – in most languages. We work at four different levels. Which is right for your text?
förstoringsglas språkgranskning

  1. Proofreading
    We make sure your text contains no errors in spelling, inflection, conjugation, sentence structure, reference, punctuation, etc.
  2. Text adaptation to purpose and target group
    In addition to proofreading, as in item 1, we make sure tone, style, address and word choice are suitable for the context.
  3. Editing of layout and headings
    On top of proofreading and text adaptation, as above, we clarify the connections and contexts in the text and eliminate any inconsistencies.
  4. Complete rewrite
    Based on available information, we create an entirely new text to fit, for example, a new target group or purpose.

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